Amrita Multi Modal Applications Using Computer Human Interaction


70% of India's population resides in rural and tribal areas where lifestyles are intertwined with the land and the seasons. Industrial development is changing the landscape faster than the communities can adapt, adversely impacting lives on multiple dimensions. For these remote communities to survive and thrive, education is crucial, so AMMACHI Labs designed and developed Mobile Vocational Education – MoVE™, which utilizes fully equipped vehicles powered by solar energy to provide vocational education for sustainable development in logistically and geographically diverse areas.  

A Vocational Training Center (VTC), situated at the nearest semi-urbanized location acts as a hub as it co-ordinates the operations and logistics of all the MoVE™ units, which covers preassigned areas by the VTC. Necessary demand analysis and aptitude assessment for the region using carefully designed surveys are conducted before and apt VET courses are decided, loaded and the best possible deployment path and schedule for the MoVE™ unit is mapped. The deployment strategy is influenced by factors such as geography, available timings of student beneficiaries and number of courses offered per location vary from rural areas to tribal regions.

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